They had told themselves
Everything there were
About everything they knew of
Still they babbled on
To deny themselves
Of the uneasy silence
That they all feared.

For all day long,
They talked about the same things
They poured their ideas
Within and around the same matters
With the time dwindling away,
They knew not
If they were losing time
Or gaining it.

So they babbled on
For hours and days
Months and years
Decades and centuries
About nothing
They wanted to say.


9 responses to “Anagram

    • :). On a serious note, it’s about us: the inhabitants of the society that does not think or speak but engulfs and churns out the popular media fed shibboleths.
      But I have vague feeling you already knew that, didn’t you?

  1. Yes – it is about exactly what you say – I felt that. The opening lines capture this so well – they had already told themselves about everything they were – they had nothing left to know or learn or be – so they babbled on and on. A powerful message – in the end, for all the words, they never said anything they needed to say. Thank you.

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