Rambling of an indecent man

Here I rest my case:
The indecent spirit
Of an indecent man
Refusing to tame
Or to be tamed.

I simmered my heart
And waited for it
To give up
All the madness incurred.
I rebuked it
Strove hard
To chasten it
And yet it moved away
At the first glance
Of revolt.

There lay no song anymore
There lay no clemency
Only rested the words unforgiven
And the dear departed decency.


2 responses to “Rambling of an indecent man

  1. I kicked my cat today with my hand. So long as I feed it, the damn smooth brain will not know what hit it. Too bad fellow humans, with their convolutions, are not so forgiving of our mistakes.

    • I don’t regret it. The intricacy of human psyche, grown through years of evolution, may often seem sinister; still I don’t belong to return to innocence. The only reason, perhaps, is the complexity have me the choice of revolt.

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