when the last trace of
Sorrow and despair
Disappeared from the face of the earth;
When I watched the entire humanity
Indulged and submerged
Into the final fit of
Jubilation and mirth;
I, for one, remained away,
Sceptic, alone, bitter.

Is it my way to be Prometheus
To leap up to the sky,
To deface the creation;
To step up to God and
Accept eternal pain
Bestowed upon me?

Under the guise of
luminance of knowledge,
I stole from heavens,
The blessed fire:
The power to vanquish brothers
The first potential of inferno
to bring upon this earth:
Ever to jolly and merry;
For I, and only I,
Can see through the façade of its mirth
The agony and malevolence
Dying to burst away.


5 responses to “Prometheus

    • Yes, it was him who created men out of clay and stole fire from heaven and received eternal torment from the Gods. I cannot relate more to any other mythological figure than him, be it Greek, Norse or Indian.

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