The four lettered word

I was not the one whom you were looking for
I was the one who only intended to try you on
And then to forsake you,
Like the rest of them.
I was the one who wanted to tell you
A few beautiful lies and a few sweet nothings
Only to fulfill my personal desire.
The moment I came closer to you
I started contemplating
How to be rid of you,
How to abandon you when you were dreaming
That it will never end.
I was speculating the scene
Where I would use all the persuasions in the world
To leave you forever;
I figured it out all,
When that four lettered word that you uttered
Changed everything.

We were entangled into a precarious situation
From where there was no escape
Our fate was snarled to the bottom of the ocean
Where we started to swim apart
But the one shackle binding both our feet
Could never let us be.
So we tried to utter that four lettered word again
Only to find that your lips only emit
A few meaningless hollow bubbles.


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