I was awashed in this desolate shore
Of an ocean unknown,
Nothing remains of my remembrance
‘There must have been a beginning’
I speculate,
‘A setting out from a harbour
On a nameless ship
Towards a destiny decided,
Through a voyage
Along a decisive path,
Governed by the night sky, a few stars
A tremulous hand of compass;
Perhaps a beginning was there still
Prior to the commence of the expedition,
Started from a sleepy suburb
Or an unnamed village
With a rucksack and mind numbed,
To the city grandiose and vivid”

And then I see
The lonely northern star burning bright
Through the ether of the imprudent night
And I feel that I just might
Have reached the destiny I take as plight.

Universe has always reserved
Some stranded shore for the lost and weary,
And the travelogue ends here
There’s too many dreams left to bury.


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