An ode to my urban landscape

The nameless street

Unreal city,

The prophet running down the street, too fast

I watch the asphalt moving behind, too fast

Is it while the road stand apart

That I stall, the living dead?

Is it not the fury and wrath of a civilization buried?

Is it not the susurrus of a motion unrelenting?

I remain standing, motionless by the incessant waves of humanity passing me by

I stand, hesitant to step inside the heart of the myriad bustling with vivacity

I, the sceptic, the lover, the eternal arbiter of a land unknown,

I will stand by you,

Not being your part but with my frailty and integrity,

I’ll vex you, perforate your omnivorous design,

I am your paramour and dissident

The rebel and the rabble

And the demise your eternity so carefully wiped away.

(the first line was taken from T. S. Eliot‘s The Waste land)


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