You will stop for a while by my stone,
Amid the darkly horizon
Under the torrential downpour
In the cemetery, blue and forlorn
Your eyes will fell upon my epitaph
And you will read,

“Here lies the one whose epitaph
Was supposed to be written
With gun-powder and scorn,
Instead we chose snowy compassion
That will melt away.
Here lies the one who,
Like one of us,
Chose the solace of
Servitude and tyranny
Instead of the malaise of a rebel.”

And your lips shaken by grief
Your tears welling into waves
For you know you are but me
Lying in the dark despair
Leaving nothing but a words
And a susurrus of soul, unabsolved.


9 responses to “Sombre

  1. Congratulations on such a beautiful piece. I mean wow words can really move you. This poem is something I Wud want to read every day.

    • Though I wasn’t raised with Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith, somehow the idea of absolution and guilt haunts me: perhaps as my everyday work of a ‘third world doctor’ renders me to remain blind to evils of the world and pretend to be ‘doing the best I can’ amid the ruins. The guilt is unsurmountable.

    • No, what I meant was that a tyrant, a slave and a rebel all three reside inside of each and every one of us. The pity is that we often choose to be the tyrant or the slave and not the rebel only for the sake of convenience. As per as I can see, an eternal rebel is the only moral being and I lamented for not being able to be one.

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