I will tell you about the wind
The ghastly abrasing relentless wind
With all its scathing asperity
That blew and howled on and on
Never to become the storm.

What will I talk about now?
I will tell you the story of the Darkness
The grimacing aggrandizing mythic gloom
That deepened and disseminated itself
Pervading everything on its path
Never to turn into the night it hoped for.

What else will I talk about?
Maybe I will tell you the tale
Of the tale that went on and on
As if an epic journey knowing no bound
The destiny was evasive,
The road eternal,
The burden insurmountable
And yet it failed to be the epic narrative
Of the stories untold.

What else is left there for me to tell you now?
For the maverick wind that failed to be the tempest
The Omnivorous darkness that failed to be the night
And the story of love and lost that failed
To capture the grand narrative
Would reminisce you
Your looking away into the horizon
Your pursuit for the exoneration
You screams silent and dreary
Tormenting you within your brittle entirety
Till the end of eons.


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