Film Review: Idiots and angels

indexThe animation film Idiots and Angels offers a thinly veiled passé morality tale that for some would seem worth retelling, for others it would appear as done to death. How unnamed central character, a lecherous self-obsessed man suddenly develops a pair of wings and with that a morality bound that makes him do things he never imagined: this is the synopsis of animated feature with minimalist attires. At the end of the film, it is apparent what the angelic feature attained by the character (and represented by a pair of wings) is probably an allusion of love that, as we all know, integrates beatific qualities into vile. The world depicted in the film is a corrupt avaricious world obsessed with money and fame, thus heightening the merit of the good deeds of the character or rather the wings.

Personally, what I found as the only intriguing aspect of the film is its style of animation. The coarse industrial look that the artists conferred upon the film with is worth experiencing. The way the face of the central character constantly changes and yet remains the same, alluding his position as an everyman is definitely appreciable (even if it was not done purposefully). In conclusion, I would rather say that Idiots and Angels are neither a treat to watch nor something that sweep the viewer of his feet through its profundity. In spite of its occasional staleness, it is worth watching for the sake of the experiment with the animation quality.


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