Film Review: Premium Rush

Premium_rush_filmPremium rush can be described as a film for adrenaline junkies or speed junkies or thriller lovers or the ones who like to watch a neat Hollywood production that even with a few glitches in the plot delivers a happy ending. So Premium Rush is a good film made within the domain of main-stream.

The film is centered upon the delivery-messengers on bike roaming the streets of New York to drop a package from one spot to another. I do not know if any such delivery system exists there or not; what I know is no films were ever made on them.

The speed the film maintains from beginning to end is something extra-ordinary and for that the editor deserves a standing ovation. The actors did not have much of a chance to show their acting skills since most of the work is done by stunt double, but Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon worked pretty well within their bounds. Darker places inside a character is not ventured at all; for example why a law student like Wiley is working as a delivery boy riding like a mad person through the city streets amid the rush hour traffic almost hell-bent to kill himself on the Manhattan street; why he is defying to put up a corporate suit and be what society wants him to be: these themes remain unexplored.

In conclusion Premium Rush is a film that is forgettable but worth experiencing, especially for the mainstream Hollywood fans.


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