Endymion, revisited

I walked along the millions and myself

Only to return through this desolate street

The heartbreak hotels lying by my road

The dusty horizon, tantalizing, evading, remaining still

The stillness, oppressively cold

The darkness creeping into the world like a secret pact.

I would survive all these:

Like a Midwestern nightmare

It will all be over.

The hollow meadow would perish into citylights

The lonesome road would merge into the citystreet

Bustling with joy and vivacity.

I will put on the smiling mask again

To march on the tune of the band

Of being happy, and prosperous.


Farewell for autumn

Let us not pretend

The world will stop

With our silent departure

Through nooks and crannies of days bygone.


Let us not pretend

When our eyes will meet again

Amid the ocean of strangers

In the oblivious heart of a cosmopolis

You will recognize me and smile.


Both you know and I

That the last Goodbye

Remains silent, falling like a crimson leaf of the fall.

Our words and memories

Dying away like your receding footfall.

The chirping sparrows will fly away now for warmth

And I

Will stand beneath this maple wood

Until the last leaf has fallen

Like my wistful heart.