Here our paths will diverge
Here on this idyllic mountain road
You will go away towards the vain and vapid
The ordinary you yearn
The normalcy and the mundane;
And I will remain here
Sitted by the rising brook
Waiting for the devastation to bear.
The greenery would accompany me,
The nameless ageless forest
Trees standing through lifetimes of decay and rebirth
The chirping birds born to spend but a spring
I would wait for the grand to unfold
The reasons end here now departing
Along the road through which you went back;
I’ll dream of scurrying through the idyll idleness
And the end that is nowhere near.



I am not what I see in the world and its nature.
I will not write anymore about
The state of being and the wisdom
The self, the time, the emotion
All I would write now is the lyrical ballad
At the face of utter decimation.

Our faces forgotten each other
Passing by everyday in the ocean of strangers
Exchange glances impassive, dreary
Our memories groping for words lost
Perhaps in another lifetime.
My sinewy hand once placed upon your cheek
My finger fiddling on your lips
Our eyes met perhaps on a way towards
The galaxy and stars in between.

At the end of the endgame
I would not preach any trite sonnet of love
But hold a handful of broken flowers
Upon the tomb of our remembrance.


I rest my head on my pillow
And I hear the footfalls of God
In the beating of my restless heart.

I walk the path of this nameless city
Old, effete, fictitious
I lean on the bridge
To see another me, obscure and gray
Just a non-person, more assumed
Than the heart of hearts.

I grow beyond the point of words and deeds
The madmen and the greatmen
Of the civilization buried and throbbing
I palpitate as if the unreal demon
And lay awake for the promised coming.


It was the song of winter:
The blizzard raging outside the window
The bleak evanescent world seemed
Deprived of the illusion of colour;
The nomads jostling around
The dying fire
Staring with the hollow of their eyes.

I had succumbed;
The chilly winter night
Had entered through
Every pore of mine.
I had covered myself:

Now the howl of the world
With the ever-growing
Asperity of the winter
Doesn’t reach me.
Breaching the promise of
Eternal happiness hereafter,
Beyond the certainties
And scepticism of the world,
I stand here now
Like Beelzebub
Trading eternal damnation
For single moment of glory of rebellion.


I wonder how beautiful
The misery and sufferings
Might look from galaxies away.

I used to observe
The mounds of
Ceaseless fire burning bright
And see nothing but dots
Of serene snowy light
Arranged with artistry.
I use to praise
The magnanimity of the universe
That never pitied
My insignificance;
That never pay heed to
Our excruciation.

Now I have an altered vision
Looking above at night
I only see now
The dark empty space surrounding us,
Waiting in vain
To engulf.
And a few twinkle of
Luminescence gleaming coyly
To allure me.

I look away and move on
Knowing that I will prevail
For my agonies would
Never let me melt away.


A casuistry

I taught myself to be in order
Stand in the line,
Wait for my turn
To watch the world burn
And keep my mouth shut.

They had offered me gold
They had offered me all the treasures
That could buy everyman’s dream
Though I still wonder
If I got enough
Treading my soul
Against the riches of the world.

I stopped believing that you were there
That once I laid my eyes on you
And started believing in the impossible.

Impossible is dead;
Inevitable and inevitability are
The new rulers of my world.
I don’t care if you had survived
All the ordeals that had compelled me
To be shattered;
I don’t care if you still exist
For I had chastened my wild heart
And learnt to be dictated.


The clairvoyant

We will remain forever as one
You said with the air of a clairvoyant;
The mysterious smile lining your lips
The dark of your eyes still holding
The magnanimity of Goddess.

I conceived her to be the oracle
Foretelling my insignificant life
As if the pages of history
Could be altered.

In her eyes I saw
How I was to live and die
How my life took turns
Roaming through the dark alleys
Attaining the eternal return.

I knew the clairvoyance
To be inevadable.
Still I revolted
Like the foolish falcon
Wishing to reach the moon
Through the flight of a dreamer.
I evaded your suffocating embrace
And reached nowhere
But the serenity
Your clairvoyance offered.