I see the world, glorious and gray
Immured inside my fist
Imploring to my benevolence
Praying to be released.
And I
Looking down upon the magnanimity
With a cruel smirk hovering by my lip
Say, NO.

There is no resolution left to be taken.
No cause left to be defended.
No soul was left to have mercy upon them.

There emanates, but, a solipsistic chant
Sounding like a groan
Uncertain if effusing from pleasure or pain.



Everything has ended

The words have left me
With my benumbing solitude
Can you sense the despair in the air?
As if the last train has departed?
There’s a shame, an ingrowth of disgrace
An ignominy gnawing through me.

The dimming heavens stared
Through the eyes of constellation
I gleam like the last star of the universe
Waiting to be engulfed
Into the concluding darkness
Descending towards the end of time.